Birgitta Bergqvist - Owner and operator of Autoshop Racing Engines

Birgitta Bergqvist - Owner and operator of Autoshop Racing Engines

Birgitta Bergqvist - Owner and operator of Autoshop Racing EnginesBirgitta Bergqvist - Owner and operator of Autoshop Racing EnginesBirgitta Bergqvist - Owner and operator of Autoshop Racing Engines

I do this because I always have done it and I love it.
It's not just a job for me, it's an love affair.
You'll see. 

About Autoshop


Since 1981

Hands-on knowledge

Hands-on knowledge

Autoshop started in our small hometown Umeå in  1981 by Birgitta and late Lennart Bergqvist to serve northern Sweden with the best racing parts. It soon became a service for all Nordic countries, and it is still. Always.

In 1985 we moved to Orlando Florida USA.

In 2006 Lennart passed away.  

In 2018 Autoshop moved to Englewood Florida.


Hands-on knowledge

Hands-on knowledge

Hands-on knowledge

Our family have always been dragracing. Autoshop  is full of love for it. Proven solutions have guided us through the years. We can walk the talk. Autoshop is involved in all kinds of record setting racing, including our own marks in history. And we had the great privilege to meet our hero, late Smokey Yunick. 


Close partners

Hands-on knowledge

Close partners

We are always making good deals with our partners to be able to offer you the best prices and service. Started out with GM Bowtie and NOS. Now we have great deals and direct businesses with just about everyone, like  Brodix, Dart, Holley, CP pistons, MSD, Turbo Action, TCI, J&W Transmissions, ProCharger and many more! Of course we are especially proud of the world class products from  Swedish manufacturers Auto Verdi and Leander's Clutch.



This is the mission

Already back in Umeå in 1981 the layout for this job was obvious.

  • Customer contacts Autoshop with his or her wish.
  • Discussion and suggestion until agreement with customer. 
  • Then the hunt begins for the right manufacturer with the right parts. 
  • Good thing that we only work with high quality. Back order is never fun for anyone.
  • Also a good thing that we have worked up good deals over the years, which benefit the customer.
  • UPS and FedEx with smoking tires deliver the parts. Repacking a lá smartness for shipping by air.
  • Ship to the customer same day. Or rather yesterday or even earlier...
  • Customer happy. Birgitta happy. My fuel is my relation with the happy customer.

There are several cycles like this going at the same time, at different stages. So it happens

that I am on the phone to order from a manufacturer while receiving or shipping with courier  

and a customer is calling and another one steps in through the doors. I love the action.    

Our new roomy place in paradise!

Betsy is the best help at Autoshop. And our contribution to the electric vehicle debate. 

Birgitta have also tried drag racing. In 1980.

This was the Nova Lennart built after he crashed his first 1966 Nova. He moved over his small block with the famous SY-1 intake (Smokey Yunick-1!) into the new Nova with trans and everything. But he didn't want to drive anymore, so I had to dress up and go racing! 

The super-8 film below will show you why I didn't want to drive either.  It was a scary jumpy ride! 

BTW, I'm racing "Bostic" here when his "Whiplash" Camaro was newly painted and was only 1 year into its development.   

An early World Record

Please notice that I'm aboard the Whiplash Camaro RS 1967, with my friends Ella and Mia, when Bostic made this first caravan quartermile World Record! No belts in the car, no helmets, windows open waving to the laughing crowd! It was different back in 1982, the second year for Autoshop. 

Whiplash and Bostic was the first real long time customer for Lennart who could test a lot of things in this successful project that went from 14 to 9.85 seconds in 5 years of euphoria! It was Golden!   

Our oldest customers still fight

Check this out! Anders "Bostic" Envall is our oldest customer. From the very beginning and even before. Kent Edin is the second oldest customer. They raced their Camaros in Umeå back then. 

Now they have been racing these heavy Impala SS for years, always shopping with Autoshop. 

This summer of 2019 they are bringing their fight to Pittsburgh USA! The Last SS Fight!  

What would we do without Photographers?

Thank you all for saving the moments that make our history!

Putte Lundmark, Anders Albinsson, Chris Condor, Peder Eriksson, NHRA, NHRA All Access, IHRA, Hunter Carroll, Engine Masters, Jarl Asklund, Eero Pirttinen, Colleen Rybos Ericksmoen, Osmo Savikko, Kirt Huggins and Bostic of course.

Please contact me if I have forgotten your name!



The Autoshop Blog.

All visitors are Welcome to share memories and even pictures here from our common history. Please no pictures of me smoking - because I don't smoke. Much better with your tires smoking!

(It will open whenever they show how it's done...)


Call back if not answered directly. I can be busy driving around ol' Betsy in the shop! ;-)

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